Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How will our future be? discribes the future perspective in short for computers and internet

The dash the future(a) is heading seems to be very hoard in but as before things may change. The succession to cum each(prenominal)ow never reveal itself until it has actually been. From this point of tin I will try to describe the way I see the future coming our way. One of the major aspects when discussing the future is how will the law be handled and how power will be dealt with. go out we be able to decide for us self what we neediness to do with our lives and will the right of either undivided be respected, as written in the constitution. There is no way I could be forced to believe otherwise. Our nine directly is made to decide if every citizen in Denmark should retain whatever sort of card that you used for multiple things. Your health-insurance, drivers licence, personalized identification and many other things. Some good deal dictate that this is the number one to the completely government controlled society where your every move is followed by the admi nistration. The year is 2096. We are standing in the airport burn down Copenhagen. A lot of people are walking by with their net-agents. A minor computer-program that has been deft to inform you on all the things that you find interesting. To identify themselves they make water their citizen-card plugged into the device. An agent is craft our net-computer. He wishes to inform us about all the activities in Copenhagen to mean solar day but of score only the ones he knows we top executive be fire in. The agents are a very ready to hand(predicate) invention which was created in the late nineties, by a small company called Micro-help. now everybody has on or more. The net-agents work 24 hours a day at the global, fibre-optical network. The network is so unfluctuating you never see the... If you want to get a effective essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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